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Labour Regulation in the Long Twentieth Century is an online research archive of primary and secondary materials related to labour regulation and working class history in India. These materials include, Trade Union Records, Government reports and periodicals, Labour Law Reports as well as newspaper reports, oral interviews, video documents etc. and are intended to facilitate research, criticism, educational use by researchers, scholars, students and other interested persons. The site aims to promote inter disciplinary scholarship and is intended to be used primarily for non commercial purposes. The site specifically adheres to exceptions and rights granted for libraries, archives and for purposes of research and educational use under Sec. 52 of the Copyright Act.

The website attempts to bring together in a consolidated manner all materials pertaining to regulation and labour history including but not limited to valuable archival materials available in the public domain. These materials will be available for all users. Some material will only be available to bona fide researchers and scholars who present their credentials to the administrators. This shall solely be at the discretion of the administrators