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Title: Labour Gazette Vol. LVI, No. 10, June 1977
Issue Date: 1977
Publisher: The Office of the Commissioner of Labour and the Director of Employment, Government of Maharashtra
Abstract: June 1977. MONTH IN BRIEF: CPI for working class, Maharashtra State; Industrial disputes, Maharashtra State. CURRENT NOTES: Labour ministers for restoring 8.33 percent bonus-Govt. urgently considering issue; CPI for industrial workers, All India; Mills’ take over; Dhabe urges PM to intervene in bonus issue; World labour greets new PM; ILO draft declaration on multinational enterprises; Trade unions contribution to fight against inflation; Rights of public servants to be discussed by International Labour Conference; Spain ratifies two ILO conventions on freedom of association; Use of computer in international relations in subject of exports meeting at ILO; 45 countries improved labour laws, says ILO; Intl. Labour conference to act on health protection at work. NOTIFICATIONS UNDER LABOUR LAWS. LABOUR LEGISLATION: Maharashtra Mathadi, Hamal and other manual workers (Regulation of Employment and Welfare) (Amendment) Act 1977. CPI NUMBERS FOR WORKING CLASS IN MAHARASTHRA STATE: Bombay, Sholapur, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nanded, Jalgaon, Poona. All India Average CPI for industrial workers on base (1960=100) for April 1977. LABOUR INTELLIGENCE: Industrial relations, Maharashtra (Feb 1977); Industrial disputes (Feb 1977). LABOUR LITERATURE: Articles of labour interest.
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