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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1991—Vol. II. July-December
Authors: Editorial Committee: C.R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
Issue Date: 1991
Abstract: SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: 1. Aggarwal (J.K.) v. Haryana Seeds Devt. Corpn. Ltd. & Ors; 2. Ailawadi (C.D.) v. Union of India & Ors. 3. A.I. Rly. Instt. Employees Assocn. V. Union of India; 4. Ajeet Singh Singhvi v. State of Rajasthan; 5. Babu Lal v. Haryana & Ors.; 6. Chander Bhan v. Hotilal Gupta & Ors.; 7. Chaudhary Kesava Rao & Ors v. State of A.P. v. State of A.P.; 8. Committee for Protection of Rights of ONGC Employees & Ors. v ONGC, Dehradun & Ors.; 9. Dharwad Dt. PWD Literate Daily Wage Employees’ Assocn. & Ors. etc. v. State of Karnataka & Anr. etc.; 10. Dr. Mahabal Ram v. ICAR & Ors; 11. ESIC, Chandigarh v. Gurdial Singh & Ors.; 12. Ex-Captain K. Balasubramanian v. State of T.N. & Anr.; 13. Genl. Manager, EID Parry (India) Ltd. v. P.O. 2nd Addl. Labour Court, Madras & Ors.; 14. Genl. Secretary, Rourkela Sramik Sangh v. Rourkela Maztdoor Sabha & Ors.; 15. Gurmail Singh & Ors. etc. v. State of Punjab & Ors.; 16. Jacob M. Puthuparambil & Ors. V. Kerala Water Authority & Ors. etc.; 17. Majumdar (M.B.) v. Union of India; 18. Municipal Corporation, Raipur v. Ashok Kumar Misra; 19. Munindra Kumar & Ors. Rajiv Govil & Ors. Etc. ; 20. Om Prakash Khurania v. R.B.I. ; 21. Rabinarayan Mohapatra v. State of Orissa; 22. Sehgal (A.N) & Ors. v. Raje Ram Sheoran & Ors.; 23. Seshrao Jangluji Bagde v. Bhaiyya & Ors.; 24. Shilpi Bose (Mrs) & Ors. v. State of Bihar & Ors.; 25. Shri M.P. Pradhan v. Union of India & Ors.; 26. Smt. Violet Issac & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors.; 27. State Bank of India & Ors. v. S. Vijayakumar & Ors.; 28. State of Bihar & Ors. v. Akhouri Sachindra Nath & Ors.; 29. The Dt. Exhibitors Association, Muzaffarnagar & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors.; 30. Union of India & Ors v. E.G. Nambudiri; 31. Union of India etc. v. K.V. Janakiraman etc.; 32. (i) Union of India & Ors. v. Shri Tejram Parashramhjee Bombhate & Ors., (ii) Shri Tejram Parashramjee Bombhate & Ors. v. Ordnance Factory, Ambazari, Nagpur & Ors.; 33. U.P. SRTC & Anr. v. Mohd. Ismail & Ors.; 34. Vasudevan Nair (K) & Ors.etc. v. Union of India & Ors. HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD: 1. Dina Nath Pandey v. State of U.P. & Ors.; 2. Harvansh Sahai Srivastava v. State of U.P. & Ors.; 3. Jay Shree Tea Ltd. v. Industrial Tribunal (I), Allahabad & Ors.; 4. Nathamil Masih v. U.P. Sch. Caste F&D Corpn. Ltd & Ors.; 5. Ram Asrey & Ors. v. Labour Court II, Kanpur & Anr.; 6. Union of India v. Shiv Mangal & Anr.; 7. Union of India & Anr. v. S.B. Agnihotri & Anr. HIGH COURT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: 1. Andhra Bank, Hyderabad v. Central Indl. Tribunal, Hyderabad; 2. Kothari (Madras) Ltd v. Second Addl. Judge-cum-App. Authority & Ors.; 3. Savitramma (D.K.) v. Anantapur D.C.C. Bank & Anr.; 4. Swami (A.V.) v. Indl. Tribunal-cim-Labour Court, Warangal & Anr.; 5. Vijayakumar (M) & Ors. v. G.M., M.P. Factory A.P.D.D.C. Federation Ltd. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, BOMBAY: 1. Assocn. Of Engg. Workers v. ;/s. Sardar Iron & Steel Mill; 2. Assocn. Of Engg. Workers v. Super Too Co(P) Ltd. & Ors.; 3. Assocn. Of Maf. Education Service Class II Officers & Ors. v. State of Maharashtra & Ors.; 4. Bombay Metropolitan Transport Corpn. Ltd. v. Servants of The B.M.T.C. (CIDCO); 5. Canara Bank v. G.M.V. Nayak & Ors.; 6. Chandrakant Shridhar Deshpande v. Government of Maharashtra & Anr.; 7. Conservator of Forests, Yavatmal v. Shamrao Ramkrushna Deshmukh; 8. F.C.I. Employees Assocn. & Anr. v. F.C.I. & Ors.; 9. Gram Panchayat, Katil v. P.O., First Labour Court, Nagpur & Ors.; 10. Hariganga Security Services Ltd. v. Member, Indl. Court, Mah & Ors.; 11. Hiper Karamchari Sanghatana v. Hiper & Ors.; 12. Joaquin I.M. Dias v. R.S. Ravonkar & Ors.; 13. Mah. State Textile Corpn. Ltd. v. Vasudev Vinayak Joshi & Anr.; 14. Mazdoor Congress & Ors. v. S.A. Patil, Member, Indl. Court & Ors.; 15. State of Maharashtra v. Nav Bharat Corpn. & Ors.; 16. Sudhakar v. Addl. Registrar, High Court, Bombay & Ors.; 17. Sukhdeo Chokha Waghmere v. Trustees of Bombay Port Trust & Ors.; 18. Vikas Textiles v. Sarva Shramik Sangh. HIGH COURT OF CALCUTTA: 1. Amitava Mukherjee v. State of West Bengal & ors.; 2. Bata India Ltd. v. 7th Indl. Tribunal, W.B. & Ors.; 3. Birendra Nath De v. State of W.B. & Ors.; 4. Mohit Gupta v. State of W.B. & Ors.; 5. Sanatan Ghosh & Ors. v. R.P.F.C. & Ors.; 6. Tarun Kumar De Biswas v. P.O., Central Govt. Indl. Tribunal & Ors. HIGH COURT OF GUJARAT: 1. Homi B. Munshi v. P.G. Shroff & Ors.; 2. M/s. R.l. Kalathia & Co, Bhavnagar v. State of Gujarat & Ors. HIGH COURT OF JAMMU & KASHMIR: 1. Dhian Singh & Anr. v. N.H.E. Power Corpn. Ltd. & Ors.; 2. Juthi Devi & Ors. v. M/s Pine Chemicals Ltd. & Anr. HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA: 1. Haribasavaradhya (P) v. University of Mysore; 2. Harihar Poly Fibres v. R.P.F.C., Banglore; 3. Mgt. of Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. v. K.V. Bank Employees Union & Ors.; 4. N.G.E.F. Ltd. v. P.O., Addl. Labour Court & Anr.; 5. Regl. Director, ESIC v. S. Saravanam; 6. W.S. Industries (India) Ltd. & Anr. v. Inspector of Factories & Ors. HIGH COURT OF KERALA: 1. Abdul Rasheed v. K.S.R.T.C.; 2. Jose (T.C.) v. K.S.E. Board; 3. Life Insurance Corporation v. Appellate Authority; 4. Mathai v. State of Kerala; 5. Omana Oomen & Ors. v. F.A.C.T. Ltd.; 6. Raman Madhavan v. State of Kerala. HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH: 1. Chaitram v. S.A.I.L. Bhilai; 2. M.P. State Road Transport Corpn. v. Harish Jayanti Prasad Agarwal & Ors.; 3. Ram Prasad Ambaram Verma v. President, Indl. Court, M.P. & Anr.; 4. Rudra Pratap Singh v. State of M.P. & Anr. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, MADRAS: 1. Amduha (S) v. Chairman, Neyveli Lignite Corpn.; 2. Assocn. Of University Teachers v. State of Tamil Nadu & Anr.; 3. Beama Manufacturers (P) Ltd. v. Regional Director, ESIC; 4. Chairman, Rly. Recruitment Board v. S. Ruban Peter & Ors.; 6. Kumari Estate Workers Union, Nagercoil v. Mgt. of Modaile Easwari Estate & Anr.; 7. Muthuswamy (T) v. P.O., Labour Court, Coimbatiore & Anr.; 8. Natarajan (A) & Ors. v. Registrar of Co-op. Societies & Ors.; 9. Ramesh (G) v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors.; 10. Rajendran (M) v. T.N. Handicrafts Devt. Corpn. Ltd. & Anr.; 11. Rallis India Ltd. Madras v. M. Narasimha Rao & Anr.; 12. (i) Sunder Rajan (P.J.) v. Unit Trust of India & Anr., (ii) Dasaseelan (V) v. Unit Trust of India & Anr.; 13. T.N. Water Supply & Drainage Bd. Engineers Assocn. Etc. v. State Govt. of TN & TWAD Bd.; 14. The Management, Krishnaveni Roadways, Madurai v. I.P. Punnaivanam & Anr.; 15. Workers of Ashok Leyland Ltd. & Ashok Leyland Co-op. Canteen Ltd. v. Ashok Leyland Ltd.; 16 Workmen Rep. by India Cements Employees Union, Sankari West v. Indl. Tribunal, Madurai & Ors. HIGH COURT OF ORISSA: 1. Krushna Chandra Pati v. Hindustan Fertiliser Corpn. Ltd. HIGH COURT OF PATNA: 1. Bahadur Prasad v. State of Bihar & Ors.; 2. Indra Nand Mishra v. State of Bihar & Ors.; 3. Jute Mills Mazdoor Sabha, Katihar & Ors. v. State of Bihar. HIGH COURT OF PUNJAB & HARYANA: 1. Baldev Singh v. Labour Court, Chandigarh & Anr.; 2. Pal Singh v. State of Punjab & Ors.; 3. Presh Chand Gupta v. Jt. Labour Commr., Haryana & Ors.; 4. Punjab State Elecy. Board & Anr. v. Ashok Kumar Sehgal & Ors. HIGH COURT OF RAJASTHAN: 1. Capstan Meters(I) Ltd. v. Judge, Labour Court, Jaipur & Ors.; 2. Jaipur Devt. Authority v. Labour Court & Ors.; 3. Nagar Vikas Pradhikaran Kamgar Sangh, Jaipur v. Jaipur Vikas Pradhikaran, Jaipur; 4. Prabhu Dayal Jat v. A.S.B.V. Bank Ltd. & Ors.
Editors: Editorial Committee: C.R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
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