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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1991—Vol. I. January-June
Authors: Editorial Committee: C.R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
Issue Date: 1991
Abstract: SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: 1. (i) Barauni Refineries Pragatisheel Shramik Parishad v. I.O.C. Ltd. & Ors., (ii) Genl. Secy., Barauni Teloshodhak Mazdoor Union v. Jt. Chief Lab. Commr. (Central); 2. Ch., School of Buddhist Philosophy, Leh (Ledak) v. Makhan Lal Mattoo & Anr.; 3. Chief Security Officer & Ors v. Singasan Rabi Das; 4. Delhi Transport Corporation v. D.T.C. Mazdoor Congress; 5. Dr. Suresh Chandra Verma & ORs v. Chancellor, Nagpur University & Ors.-; 6. Desh Raj Gupta v. Indl. Tribunal Iv, Lucknow & Anr.; 7. Devdutta & Ors v. State of M.P. & Ors.; 8. D.T.C. Workers’ Union & Irs v. D.T.C.; 9. Employees of T & F Corporation of India & Anr. V. Union of India & Ors.; 10. Grih Kalyan Kendra Workers’ Union v. Union of India & Ors; 11. Jain (M.L.) v. Union of India; 12. i) Jaswant Singh Netwal v. State of Punjab & Ors., ii) Bansal (V.M.) v. Mohan Lal Bansal & Ors; 13. J.K. Cotton Spg. & Wvg. Mills Co. Ltd. v. State of U.P. & Ors; 14. Krishena Kumar, etc. v. Union of India & Ors. etc.; 15. i) K.J.John, APP v. State of Kerala & Ors, ii) U.O. APP’s Assocn. V. State of U.P. & Ors; 16. Lt. Governor of Delhi & Ors. v. Constable Dharampal & Ors.; 17. Mallikarjuna Rao & Ors. v. State of A.P. & Ors.; 18. New Bank of India v. N.P. Sehgal & Anr.; 19. Nirchiliya & Ors. v. Mgt. of Safire Theatre, Madras & anr.; 20. Ram Saran & Anr., etc. v. State of Punjab & Ors., etc.; 21. State of Maharashtra & Anr. V. Madhukar Narayan Mardikar; 22. State of Tamilnadu & Ors v. Nellai Cotton Mills Ltd. & Ors.; 23. Union of India & Anr. V. Shyama Pada Sidhanta & Ors; 24. Union of India & Ors v. Mohd. Ramzan Khan. HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD: 1. Misra (J.N.) & ORs. v. State of U.P. & Ors.; 2. Ravindra Tyagi v. U.P. Public Services Tribunal & Ors.; 3. U.P. Electronics Corporation Karamchari Sangh v. Uptron India Ltd & Anr. HIGH COURT OF ANDHRAPRADESH: 1. Associated Glass Industries Ltd. v. Indl. Tribunal, A.P. & Ors; 2. Ch. Laxmi Narayana v. Depot Manager, APSRTC; 3. Depot Manager, APSRTC Bus Depot, Kothagudam v. Govt. Of A.P.; 4. Govt. of A.P. & Anr v. Bhadrachalam Paper Boards Ltd. & Ors. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, BOMBAY: 1. Ichalkaranji Coop. Spg. Mills Ltd. v. Deccan Coop. Soot Girani Kamgar Sangh & Ors.; 2. Industrial Workers’ Union v. M/s. Hindustan Transmission Products Ltd. & Ors.; 3. M/s. J.R. Jugele, Rly. Contractor v. Smt. Sitabai Atamaram & Ors; 4. Nava Bharat v. Nagpur Union of Working Journalists & Ors. ; 5. Rasheed A. Maskati & Ors. v. M. Abbas Ali Hussaini & Anr; 6. Sudhakar Baburao Bodke v. State of Maharashtra & Ors.; 7. United Labour Union & Ors v. Union of India & Ors.; 8. Zubeda Begam & Ors v. Mh. SRTC & Ors. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, CALCUTTA: 1. Alliance Mills (Lessees) Pvt Ltd. v. State of West Bengal & Ors.; 2. Bhuban Mohan Bose & Ors v. State of West Bengal & Ors.; 3. Gramaphone Co. of India Ltd v. State of West Bengal & Ors.; 4. M/s. Eagle Wood Agencies (P) Ltd & anr v. State of West Bengal & Ors.; 5. Workmen of Baikunta Nath Debasthan Trust v. State of West Bengal & Ors. HIGH COURT OF DELHI: 1. Ajudhia Textile Mills & Ors. v. P.O., Labour Court & Anr.; 2. Bajaj Food Products v. Central Board Trustee & Ors.; 3. Union of India v. O.P. Singh & Ors. HIGH COURT OF GAUHATI: 1. Employees State Ins. Corpn., Gauhati v. Rajashri Pictures (P) Ltd.; 2. French Motor Car Co. Ltd. Workers Union v. French Motor Car Co. Ltd.; HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA: 1. Corpn. of the City of Mangalore v. N.S. Giri; 2. Diwakar Shetty (Y) v. Vijaya Bank; 3. Gammon India Ltd. v. R.P.F.C.; 4. Menzlin (F.K.) v. B.P. Premakumar; 5. Mookan (v), Major v. Br. Manager, Southern Roadways Ltd.; 6. Nagiah (S) v. Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd.; 7. Rama Rao (V) v. Commissioner of Labour. HIGH COURT OF KERALA: 1. Commr. Of Income Tax v. Kerala Spinners Ltd.; 2. Commr. Of Income Tax v. Travancore Cements Ltd.; 3. Joseph v. Mathrubhoomi Printing & P.Co. Ltd.; 4. Joy Mathew v. Supdt. of Police & Ors.; 5. Kodikulam S. Coop. Bank Ltd. v. Chacko & Anr.; 6. Poulose v. State of Kerala; 7. Spencer & Co. Ltd., Ernakulam v. Reg. Director, ESIC, Tiruchur. HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH: 1. M.P. Electricity Board & Ors. v. Basant Kumar Pandey. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, MADRAS: 1. Air Lanka Ltd. v. John William Nathan & Anr.; 2. Ashok Leyland Ltd. v. Govt. of Tamilnadu & Ors.; 3. Asst. G.M., Central Bank of India v. P.O., Indl. Tribunal & Anr.; 4. Engine Valves Ltd. v. Labour Court, Madras & Anr.; 5. Genl. Secy. Commercial Employees Assocn. v. Govt of Tamilnadu & Ors.; 6. Kanchan (L.D.) v. Indian Overseas Bank & Ors.; 7. Manickam (P) v. Chief Genl. Manager, SBI & Anr.; 8. M/s. E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. v. Indl. Tribunal, Madras & Ors.; 9. Raghupathy (L) v. Addl. Commr. For Workmens’ Compensation & Anr.; 10. Regl. Commissioner, EPF, T.N. & P v. M/s Kamaraj Textiles & Ors.; 11. Sekhar (P) v. BHEL, Ranipet & Ors.; 12. State Bank of India, Madras v. (I) Central Govt. I.T. Madras, (II) S.B.I. Employees Union; 13. State Bank’s Staff Union, Madras Circle v. State Bank of India; 14. (i) TWAD Board & Anr. v. M.D. Vijayakumar & Ors, (ii) TWAD Board v. TWAD Board Workers Union & Anr.; 15. TMt. D. Rani & 7 Ors. & Mgt. of IDPL (Surgical Instruments Plant); 16. Workman of Seshasayee Paper & Baord Ltd. v. State of T.N. & Ors. HIGH COURT OF ORISSA: 1. Kalicharan Rath v. Orissa Sangeet Natak Academy & Anr.; 2. Prafulla Chandra Behera v. Dena Bank & Ors. HIGH COURT OF PATNA: 1. Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd. v. Labour Court, Ranchi & Anr.; 2. Jai Prakah Narain Singh v. State & Ors; 3. Justice Vishwanath Mishra v. State of Bihar & Ors; 4. M/s S.K. Nasiruddin Bidi Merchant (P) Ltd. v. R.P.F.C. & Anr. HIGH COURT OF PUNJAB & HARYANA: 1. Sheela v. E.S.I. Corporation; 2. State of Punjab and Ors. v. Vidya Devi & Ors. HIGH COURT OF RAJASTHAN: 1. R.F.C. Officers Association v. R.F.C. & Anr.; 2. Yashwant Singh Yadav v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. FOREIGN DECISION (HOUSE OF LORDS): 1. British Coal Corpn. v. Cheesbrough.
Editors: Editorial Committee: C.R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
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