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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1990—Vol. II. July-December
Authors: Editiorial Committee: C. R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
Issue Date: 1990
Abstract: SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: 1. (i) Amar Deo Prakash & 44 others, (ii) All India Train Controllers Association v. Union of India & 50 others; 2. A.P. Public Service Commission v. Sarat Chandra & others; 3. Automobile Products of India Employees Union v. Assocn. of Engg. Workers. Bombay & others; 4. Awadh Prasad Singh & Ors. v. State of Bihar & Ors.; 5. Banerjee(S) v. Union of India & Ors.; 6. Bevin Katti (N.T.) etc. v. Karnataka Public Service Commis—sion and Ors.; 7. (i) Bank of India v. T.S. Kelawala & Ors, (ii) S.U. Motors (P) Ltd. v. Their workmen; 8. Bharat Electronics Ltd. Bangalore v. Indl. Tribunal, Karnatak & Anr.; 9. Dalphat Abasaheh Solunke etc. v. B.S. Mahajan etc.; 10. Director-General and Inspector/General of Police A.P. & Others v. K. Ratnagiri; 11. Dr. V.L. Chandra & Ors. v. A.I. Instt. of Medical Sciences & Ors.; 12. Ess Dee Carpet Enterprises v. Union of India & Ors.; 13. Govt. of AP. & another v. M. Hayagreeva Sarma; 14. Govt. of A.P. v. V. Sivaraman; 15. Indian Oxygen Ltd. v. State of Bihar & others; 16. Khamgaon Education Soceity v. Director of Education, Maharashtra & Ors.; 17. Khosla (K.K.) another v. State of Haryana & others; 18. Krishna Sahai & others v. State of U.P. & others; 19. Mahadev Kalekar & others v. State Bank of Hyderabad & others; 20. Mgt. of M/s. M.S. Nally Bharat Engg. Co. Ltd. v. State of Bihar & Ors; 21. (i) Manjeeth Singh, UDC and others v. E.S.I.C. & others, (ii) K. Prakasam & Others v. T. Subrahmanyam & others; 22. Masood Akhtar Khan & Ors. v. State of MP. & Ors.; 23. (i) Nagaraja (N) v. Vasant K. Gudodagi & Ors., (ii) State of Karnataka & Ors. v. Vasant K. Gudodagi & Ors.; 24. Nani Gopal Sarkar & 151 Ors. v. Heavy Engg. Corpn. Ltd.& Ors.; 25. Paras Nath & Am and Mamman Singh & Ors v. Union of India & Ors.; 26. Punjab Land Devt. & Reclamation Corpn. Ltd. Chandigarh etc. and several others v. P.O., Labour Court, Chandigarh etc. and several others; 27. Ram Ekbal Sharma v. State of Bihar & Anr; 28. Sarkar (S.B.) & Ors v. Union of India & Ors.; 29. Satyanarayan Sharma & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors.; 30. Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence & Ors. v. S. Daniel & Ors.; 31. Shankar Mukkerjee & Ors. v. S. Daniel & Ors.; 32. Som Raj & Ors. v. State of Haryana & Ors.; 33. State Bank of India v. Workmen of S.B.I. & Anr.; 34. State of Madhya Pradesh v. Bani Singh & Anr.; 35. State of Punjab & Ors. v. V. Nachhattar Singh; 36. (i) State of Rajasthan v. Gurcharan Singh Grewal & Ors. (ii) State of Rajasthan v. S.S. Gupta & Ors., (iii) Union of India & Ors. v. S.S. Gupta & Ors., (iv) Union of India & Ors. v. G.S. Grewal & Ors.; 37. Sudhoo v. M/s. Haji Lal Mohd. Bidi Works & Ors.; 38. Syndicate Bank S.C. and S.T. Employees’ Assocn. & others v. Union of India & others; 39. The Clothing Factory National Workers’ Union, Avadi, Madras v. Union of India & others; 40. The Dt. Collector & Chairman S.W.R.S. Society & another v. M. Tirupurasundari Devi; 41. Vinay Kumar Verma & others v. State of Bihar & others; 42. (i) Workmen of Bharat Fritz Werner (P) Ltd. v. Bharat Fritz Werner (P) Ltd., (ii) Bharat Fritz (P) Ltd. v. Workmen of Bharat Fritz Werner (P) Ltd. & Ors.; 43. Yadav (J.C.) & others v. State of Haryana & others; 44. In the matter of: Reference under Art:317(1) of the Constitution of India (Complaint of Smt. Santosh Chowdhary, Chairman, Punjab Public Service Commn. Against Mr. Gopal Krishna Saini, a Member of the Commn.). HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD: 1. M/s. Bhatia Metal Containers (P) Ltd. v. State of U.P. & Ors.; 2. M/s. New Victoria Mills Ltd. v. Labour Court I, Kanpur & Ors.; 3. Nagar Palika, Moradabad v. App. Authority & Addl. Labour Commr., U.P. Kanpur & Others; 4. Ram Bilas v. State of U.P. & Ors; 5. Uma Shanker Pathak v. Union of India & others; 6. U.P. Roadways Transport Corpn. Meerut v. State of U.P. & Ors. HIGH COURT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: 1. Dr. Mohd. Ishaq v. Osmania University, Hyderabad; 2. Dr. Raman C. Amin & Ors. v. Dock Labour Board, Visakhapatnam & Ors.; 3. Kodali Nagiah v. Sri Arani Kaniappa Maistry Choultry, Nellore; 4. Kumar (M.L.L.) v. Dvl. Manager, A.P.S.R.T.C. Cuddappah & Anr.; 5. Mujeeb (S.M.) v. Labour Court, Anantapur & Anr; 6. M/s. Allied Sales Corpn. Secunderabad v. Authority under A.P. Shops and Establishments Act; 7. Prabhakar Rao (S) v. Bank of Baroda, Baroda & Ors; 8. Sreenivasa Rao (R) v. Labour Court, Hyderabad v. Anr. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, BOMBAY: 1. Board of Trustees of the Port of Bombay v. State of Maharashtra & Ors.; 2. Bombay Gas Public Ltd. Co. v. Papa Akbar & Anr.; 3. Ganesh & Ors. v. The Maharashtra State Elecy Board; 4. General Labour Union (Red Flag) v. K.M. Desai & Ors.; 5. General Secretary, Engg. Labour Union v. T.L. Steel (P) Ltd.; 6. Girap (R.B.) v. M/s. Borivili Ganjawala Co.op Hg. Society Ltd., & Ors.; 7. Prakash Kothari v. R.P.F.C. Maharashtra & Goa; 8. S.G. Pharmaceuticals Division of Ambala Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd. v. V.D. Pademwar & Ors.; 9. The Indian Tobacco. Ltd. v. Industrial Court & Ors.; 10. V.V.F. Employees Union v. S.M. Limaye & Ors. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, CALCUTTA: 1. Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd. v. Presiding Officer & Others; 2. Guest Keen Williams Ltd. v. G.K.W. Jr. Mgt Staff Association & Ors.; 3. In Re: Govrepore Co. Ltd. v. Nuddea Mills Co. Ltd.; 4. M/s. Annapurna Mistanna Bhandar v. Indl. Tribunal VIII, West Bengal & others. HIGH COURT OF DELHI: 1. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. v. (Smt.) Hasmat Khatoon & Ors.; 2. Taj Services Ltd. v. Delhi Admn. & others. HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA: 1. Hind Art Press, Mangalore v. E.S.I. Corpn. and another; 2. M/s. Parveen Industries v. Banawar Shigh; 3. Somasekharappa (B.R.) v. Vignan Industries Ltd. HIGH COURT OF KERALA: 1. Asst. Labour Officer v. Muraleedharan; 2. Balakrishna transport v. Supdt. of Police; 3. Brijithamma v. State of Kerala; 4. Chellappan v. State of Kerala; 5. George v. Circle Inspector of Police; 6. Jayachandran v. State of Kerala; 7. Narayanan Nair v. Union of India; 8. Official Liquidatore v. K.S.E. Board; 9. Rajendran v. State of Kerala; 10. Regional Director, E.S.I. Corpn. v. Ramlal Textiles; 11. Regional Director, E.S.I. Corpn. v. Vijayamohini Mills; 12. West India Steel Co. Ltd. v. Azeez. HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH: 1. Bapu Singh v. Pyaribai & others; 2. Ramesh Kumar v. State of M.P.; 3. Sahdeo Sahu v. State of M.P. & anr.; 4. Shafiullah v. M.P. State Rpad Tr. Corpn.; 5. Shiv Pradesh Mishra v. Sports Authority of India. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, MADRAS: 1. Abdul Azeez (R) v. State of Tamil Nadu; 2. Alamelu (S) v. The S.E., S.A. Electricity System (S), Villupuram; 3. Angappan (S.V.) v. T.N.E. Board; 4. Chandrasekhar (G) v. Chairman, Madras Post Trust; 5. Chandrasekhan (G) v. Ch., Madras Port Trust and another; 6. Chubby Raj (M.K.) v. State Bank of India; 7. Durairajan (N) v. Union of India & another; 8. Kannan (S) v. State Bank of India; 9. Mgt. of TAFE v. R. Venkarataman & Anr.; 10. Thirumalai (N) v. Binny Ltd. HIGH COURT OF ORISSA: 1. Bama Sankar Misra etc. v. O.P.S. Commn & Anr./Ors. etc. ; 2. Executive Engineer, Anandapur Barrage Dvn., v. President, Workcharged & NMR Employees’ Union, Salinia & Anr.; 3. Jayaram Panda v. D.V. Raiyani & others; 4. Mgt. of M/s. Town Bidi Factory, Cuttack v. P.O. Labour Court & Anr. HIGH COURT OF RAJASTHAN: 1. Jodhpur Central Coop. Bank Ltd. v. Naim Singh and anr.; 2. Ram Chandra Yadav & anr. V. Rajasthan S.R.T.C. & Anr.; 3. Subrato Roy & anr. V. State of Rajasthan and anr.
Editors: Editiorial Committee: C. R. Pattabhiraman, S. Viswanathan, B.R. Dolia
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