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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1987—Vol. I. January-June
Authors: Venkataraman, R., Pattabhiraman, C. R., Viswanathan, S., Dolia, B. R
Issue Date: 1987
Abstract: REPORTS. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: 1. Abid Hussain and others v. Union of India and others; 2. Asghar M. v. Union of India and others; 3. Bharat Barrel and Drum Mfg. Co. Ltd. v. Bharat Barrel Employees’ Union; 4. Brij Mohan Singh Chopra v. State of Punjab; 5. Catering Cleaners of S. Rly. V. Union of India; 6. Collector of Land Acquisition Anantnag v. Mst. Katiji; 7. Chopra J.B. and others v. Union of India; 8. Dakshio Railway Employees’ Union, Trivandrum Division v. General Manager, S. Rly. And others; 9. Dipak Kumar Biswas v. General Manager, S. Rly. And others; 10. Dishergarh Power Supply Co. Ltd. v. Its Workmen; 11. Gargi H.C. v. State of Haryana; 12. Hindu Jea Band Jaipur v. Regional Director, E.S.I. Jaipur and State of Rajasthan and others; 13. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. v. State of Bihar; 14. Isha Steel Treatment Bombay v. Association of Engineering Workers, Bombay and others; 15. Kamal Kishore Lakshman v. the Management of M/s. Pan American World Airways (Inc) and others; 16. Kirti Bushan Singh v. State of Bihar and others; 17. Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co. Ltd. v. Audrey D’Costa and another; 18. Manjit Kaur v. State of Punjab; 19. Mudhal K.R. and others v. R.P. Singh and others; 20. Nirmala M. and others v. State of A.P. and others; 21. Prakash Cotton Mills Ltd. v. Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh; 22. Punjab State Electricity Board v. Ravindra Kumar and others; 23. Sambamurthy P. v. State of A.P. and another; 24. S.P. Sampath Kumar and others v. Union of India; 25. Smt. Kusum Gupta alias Kusum Bansal v. Haryana State Small Industries and Export Corporation, Chandigarh; 26. Smt. Mary Oommen v. Manager, M.G.M. High School, Karuppampaddy, Kerala and others; 27. Smt. Rajindhar Kaur v. Punjab State; 28. Sri Rameshwar Dass and others v. State of Haryana and others; 29. Sreedharan Nair v. State of Kerala; 30. Sushilkumar Yadunath Jha v. Union of India and others; 31. The State of Haryana v. Sri P.C. Wadwa I.P.S. Inspector General of police and another; 32. State of Punjab and others v. Manoharlal; 33. Surjit Singh v. State of Punjab; 34. Tamilnadu Joint Action Counsel and Textile Trade Union v. Govt. of Tamil Nadu and others; 35. The Nagar Mahapalika Kanpur v. Vinod Kumar Srivatsava and others; 36. Telecommunication Research Centre Officers: Class I’ Association and others v. Union of India and others; 37. The Delhi Police Non/gazetted Karmachari Sangh and others v. Union of India and others; 38. The Director General Telecommunication and another v. T.N. Peethambaram; 39. Union of India and others v. N. Haragopal; 40. Union of India and another v. R.C. D’Souza; 41. United Bank of India Officer’s Association v. United Bank of India and others; 42. V. Veerarajan and others v. The Government of Tamilnadu and others; 43. Yogendra Pal Singh and others v. Union of India and others. HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD: 1. M/s. Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. Phulpur v. R.K.Misra. HIGH COURT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: 1. A.P. Electrical Equipment Corporation v. A.P. Electrical Equipment Corporation Staff Union and others. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, BOMBAY: 1. Ambabai Manjunath Amin v. P.L. Majumdar Presiding Officer First Labour Court, Thane and others; 2. Airlines Cabin Crew Association v. Indian Airlines Corporation and others; 3. Corporation of City of Nagpur through Shop Inspector v. M/s. Inland Carriers, Nagpur and another; 4. Dattaram Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. v. Regional Director, Maharashtra Employees E.S.I.C. Bombay and another; 5. Hari Singh Verma v. Union of India; 6. International Airport Authority v. P.K. Srivatsava; 7. Jagdish Amritlal Karia v. Madhusudhan Nagindas Hundiwala and others; 8. Kirloslar Oil Engines Ltd v. V.B. Dharurkar and others; 9. Madhav Khandera Ambikar v. State of Maharashtra; 10. Regional Director, E.S.I. Corporation v. M/s. Arudyog and others; 11. Rekapally Lakshminarayana Rao Naidu v. Union of India and others; 12. Shri Cutchi Visa Oswal, Derawasi Jain Mahajan v. B.D.Barude I.T. Maharashtra and others; 13. The Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and others v. Manubhai Mazdoor Sabha and others. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE, CALCUTTA: 1. Biswajit Dev. Roy. V. Indian Overseas Bank and others; 2. Broja Ballav Ghose v. Union of India; 3. City College, Calcutta v. State of W. Bengal and others; 4. Diptikumar Basu and others v. Chief Inspector (Shops and Establishment) and another; 5. Prasun Kumar Bhattacharjee and others v. India Machinery Co. Ltd. and others; 6. Virendra Prosad v. Union of India and others; 7. West Bengal State Government Homoeopathic Officers’ Association v. State of West Bengal. HIGH COURT OF DELHI: 1. Association of State Road Transport Undertakings v. Association of State Road Transport; 2. D.T.C. Mazdfoor Congress and others v. Union of India and others; 3. Fouress Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. v. Delhi Administration and others; 4. Jagat Prakash Sharma v. Union of India and others; 5. J.P. Gupta and others v. Delhi Municipal Corporation and others; 6. Mittal P.K. v. Punjab National Bank; 7. Sri Jugal Kishore Mittal v. The Management of Sastra Sahitya Mandal and others; 8. S.C. Singhal v. Union of India and others; 9. Workmen of Municipal Corporation of Delhi and another v. Management of Municipal Corporation of Delhi and another. HIGH COURT OF GUJARAT: 1. Nalinikant J. Baxi v. Chairman and Managing Director Bank of India and others; 2. R. G. Makwana v. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation and another; 3. Shiv Kumar Tiwari v. Union of India. HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA: 1. Food Corporation of India, Loading and Unloading Workers’ Union v. Food Corporation of India; 2. Karnataka Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. v. Karpi; 3. Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce v. State of Karnataka; 4. Management of City of Bangalore Municipal Corporation Employees’ Coop. Society Ltd. v. E. V. Raju; 5. Mico Employees Association v. State of Karnataka; 6. N.S. Dhamankar v. Cantonment Board; 7. K.R. Raghuveer v. General Manager, Vijaya Bank; 8. Varadha Rao, B. v. State of Karnataka. HIGH COURT OF KERALA: 1. Gnanamony v. State of Kerala; Kochu Kunju and others v. State of Kerala; 3. Saraswathy Ammal E.C. v. Director of Public Instruction; 4. United India Insurance Coy v. Gangadharan Nair; 5. Visalakshy, P.K. and others v. State of Kerala and others. HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH: 1. Straw products Ltd. v. Union of India and others. HIGH COURT OF JUDICAUTE, MADRAS: 1. English Electric Co. of India (Ltd.) v. Industrial Tribunal Madras and another; 2. Hany Gupta v. Madras Port Trust and another; 3. Kuriyan, K.K. v. State of Tamilnadu represented by Secretary, Labour and Employment Department and the Management of Southern Bottlers Pvt. Limited, Madras; 4. N. Marimuthu v. Dy. Director, Stationary and Printing, Madras and Secretary to Government Transport Dept.; 5. Prasad V [and] K. Suharshan v. State Bank of India and State Bank of India, Madras; 6. Raman S.K. v. The Management of Kundah Rural Cooperative Agricultural Society Ltd. represented by its Special Officer and another; 7. Sri Angappa Spinning Mills and others v. Regional Commissioner, E.P.F. Tamilnadu and Pondicherry; 8. Sundaram A v. Pallavan Transport Corporation Ltd.; 9. The Chief General Manager, State Bank of India v. The Presiding Officer, Central Government Industrial Tribunal and others; 10. The Management of Chandra Textiles (P) Ltd. v. N. Palaniswami and others; 11. William L. v. the Church of South India and another; 12. The workmen of Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. by Hindustan Construction Workers’ Union, Madras v. The Management of Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. and others. HIGH COURT OF PATNA AT RANCHI: 1. Chotanagpur Chamber of Commerce, Singhbum Chamber of Commerce and Industries and another v. The State of Bihar and another. HIGH COURT OF RAJASTHAN: 1. Rameshwarial Yadav v. The Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board and others.
Editors: Venkataraman, R., Pattabhiraman, C. R., Viswanathan, S., Dolia, B. R
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