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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1981—Vol. II. July-December
Authors: Venkataraman, R., Pattabhi Raman, C. R., Viswanathan, S., Dolia, B. R
Issue Date: 1981
Abstract: REPORTS. SUPREME COURT: 1. Air India v. Nergesh Meerz and others; 2. Brooke Band India Ltd. v. Workmen; 3. Col. Avatar Singh Sekhar v. Union of India and others; 4. Commodore Commanding Southern Naval Area, Cochin v. V. N. Rajan; 5. Corporation of City of Nagpur v. Ram Chandra and others; 6. Dhanoa v. Municipal Corporation of Delhi and others; 7. Firestone Tyre and Rubber Co. of India Pvt. Ltd. v. Workmen; 8. Gopa Kumar, S. v. State of Kerala; 9. Jagannadha Rao, K. v. State of Andhra Pradesh and others; 10. Jesuratnam, F. R. v. Union of India and others; 11. Lila Dhar v. State of Rajasthan and others; 12. Mayandi, M. v. Director, Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation; 13. Moghe, S. S. and others v. Union of India and others; 14. Mohan Lal v. Bharat Electronics Limited; 15. Ramabhadriah, B. R. v. Secretary, Food and Agriculture Dept., Government of Andhra Pradesh; 16. Reserve Bank of India, Bombay v. C. T. Dighe and others; 17. Sarjoo Prasad v. General Manager and another; 18. Shanti Kumari v. Regional Deputy Director, Health Services, Patna and others; 19. Shri Bilesh Khand Udyag Khedut Sahakari Mandali Ltd., Kodinar v. Khand Udyog Kamdar Mandal; 20. State of Maharashtra v. Chandrakant Anant Kulkarni and others; 21. Tata Consulting Engineers v. Workmen; 22. Tata Engineering and Lacomotive Co. Ltd. v. Workmen; 23. Uma Charan v. State of Madhya Pradesh and others; 24. Wadhwa, P. C. v. State of Haryana and others; 25. Workmen of Metro Theatre Limited, Bombay v. Metro Theatre Limited, Bombay. HIGH COURT, ALLAHABAD: 1. Indian Explosives ltd. (Fertiliser Division) Panki, Kanpur v. State of U.P. and others; 2. Munni Lal Sharma and others v. Executive Engineer, U.P. Electricity Board. HIGH COURT, ANDHRA PRADESH: 1. Gattaiah, T. and 86 others v. Commissioner of Labour and another; 2. Kasturi Rangachary v. Chairman, Food Corporation of India and others. HIGH COURT, BOMBAY: 1. Air India Cabin Crew Association and others v. Air India; 2. Federation of Western India Cine Employees v. Filmalaya Pvt. Ltd.; 3. Kazi, H. I. v. J. C. Agarwal and others; 4. Manohar P. Kharkhar and another v. Raghuraj and others; 5. Parle Products Private Limited v. C. S. Saraswati and another. HIGH COURT, CALCUTTA: 1. Sisir Kumar Chowdhury v. State of West Bengal and others; 2. Smt. Shefali Sarkar v. Divisional Engineer, Telegraphs, Burdwan and others; 3. Tapan Kumar Jana v. Calcutta Telephones and others. HIGH COURT, DELHI: 1. Burmah Shell Oil Storage and Distributing Co. Ltd. v. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Delhi; 2. Malkhan Singh v. Union of India and others. HIGH COURT, GUJARAT: 1. Bhavansinh Raysinhji Rathod v. State Transport Corporation, Ahmedabad; 2. Bhupendrakumar Kohli v. Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad; 3. M/s. Satish Plastics v. R. P. F. Commissioner; 4. Patel, M. G. v. State of Gujarat and others; 5. Regional Director, ESIC, Ahmedabad v. New Asarwa Mfg. Co. Limited; 6. Kolia, F. M. v. G. S. Barot and others. HIGH COURT, KERALA: 1. Canara Bank and others v. Appellate Authority and others; 2. Indian Rare Earths Ltd. v. Subaida Beevi; 3. Johnson v. General Manager, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation; 4. Narayanan v. State of Kerala; 5. Standard Pottery Works, Alwaye v. Standard Pottery Works Employees’ Union and another; 6. Varghese, C. I. v. State of Kerala and others. HIGH COURT, MADHYA PRADESH: 1. Shambhoo Singh v. Central Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Court, Jabalpur and another; 2. State of Madhya Pradesh v. Dr. Chamanlal Nagrath. HIGH COURT, MADRAS: 1. Ashok Leyland Limited v. A. Vijayakumar and another; 2. Dalmia Magnesite Corporation, Salem v. Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), Madras and another; 3. Gurumurthy, K., authorised representative of certain workmen, etc., etc. v. Simpson and Co., Madras and others, Etc., Etc.; 4. Management of Craigmore Estate, Kullakambly, Post Nilgiris Dist. v. Labour Court, Coimbatore and another; 5. Management of Enfield India Limited v. Second Addl. Labour Court, Madras and another; 6. Manuel, C. v. Management of Needle Industries (India) Ltd., Keeti, Nilgiris and another; 7. Pitchai, M. and another v. Cholan Roadways Corporation and another; 8. Rajamanickam, R. for himself and on behalf of other Award Staff v. Indian Bank; 9. Somarajan and others v. Management of A.R.C. Engg. Works, Ambaturr and another; 10. Subramaniam, V. v. State Bank of India Staff Co-op. Society Ltd. HIGH COURT, PUNJAB & HARYANA: 1. Satish Kumar v. Punjab State Co-operative Bank Ltd. and others. HIGH COURT, RAJASTHAN: 1. Udaipur Cotton Mills v. Suti Mill Mazdoor Union and others.
Editors: Venkataraman, R., Pattabhi Raman, C. R., Viswanathan, S., Dolia, B. R
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