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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1958S. A. Dange on Mundhra AffairDange, Shripad Amrit
7-Jan-1969Second Instalment of Recommendations of the Committee on Labour WelfareMinistry of Labour
Mar-1969Second Supplementary Memorandum to the National Commission on LabourCouncil of Indian Employers
-Settlement of Industrial Disputes in Australia and IndiaNational Commission on Labour
1959Seventeenth Tripartite : Official texts of Conclusions of the 17th Indian Labour Conference. Documents on Industrial Relations, Works Committees, etc. AITUC's Memorandum on Government's Labour PolicyAll-India Trade Union Congress
1988Shramshakti: Report of the National Commission on Self-employed Women and Women in the Informal SectorNational Commission on Self-employed Women and Women in the Informal Sector
1977Social security & Effects of environment on the working and living conditions of workers (New Delhi: 30 November - 3 December 1977). Fifth Asian Trade Union SeminarAll-India Trade Union Congress
1972Sohyo Congress and Japanese Working ClassAll-India Trade Union Congress
2-May-1968Special Set of Papers by National Commission on LabourDatar, B.N.
1967Statistics of Selected Manufacturing Industries - Part 1National Commission on Labour
1967Statistics of Selected Manufacturing Industries - Part 2National Commission on Labour
1953Strengthen united action : Report of Brother Louis Saillant, General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions at the Third World Trade Union Congress. Vienna, October 10-21, 1953. Trade Union Publication Series No. 3Saillant, Louis
1972Strike Movement : In developed capitalist countries 1951-1970All-India Trade Union Congress
-Structure of Trade Unions-
1991Study Group on Anti Poverty ProgrammesHirway, Indira
1991Study Group on Assessment of Basic Needs of Rural LabourSarkar, N.K.
1991Study Group on Bonded LabourYugandhar, B.N.
1991Study Group on Criteria Definition and Characteristics of Rural LabourPrasad, Pradhan H.
1991Study Group on Dairying for Rural Women’s Employment GenerationAdithi
1991Study Group on Economic and Social Security-